Good quality and service.
Impressed with the quality of dryfruits and satisfactory service. Keep it up.
20 January
Amazing flavor
The milk masala powder is simply wonderful. It turns a plain glass of milk into a delicious flavorful treat. We will continue to buy more - it is soon going to become a staple food condiment in our pantry!
23 December
Awesome service and quality
Awesome service and products. Its a very easy way to order good and genuine quality products. Will definitely order more from them. Request to add nutrition details as well as benefits for each product so its better way to buy food in this world of balanced diet.
15 October
Wonderful tea masala
Very good flavour. Must buy.
Shridhar S
18 July 2015
Was very happy with the products and service, the people who came to deliver were extremely nice and freindly. They were very corteous and explained about the products in detail. My only suggestion - Please add the benefits and effects of the herbs and powders on the site.
10 July 2015
authentic aromas
both the tea masala and milk masalas are very flavourful and a must buy!
Nirmala Raj
28 June 2015
Good Customer Service
Received very courteous and professional customer and good quality of products.
Leena Patel
26 June 2015

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  • Cashew nut (Kaju)

    The delicately flavored “cashew nut” more familiar to Indians as “Kaju”, has always been the king of dried fruits. Considered under the category of snacks it can be consumed as a quick nibble and can be served during festivals like Diwali. We have range of Kaju / cashew Nuts available - whole premium Kaju, Jumbo Kaju, broken Kaju etc. The wide range of flavors of Kaju are also available; that are Roasted Kaju, Salted Kaju, Chilli Kaju, Masala Kaju, Black Pepper Kaju, Cheese Kaju, Chocolate kaju, Keshar Kaju etc. Now you can buy the best quality Cashews (kaju) online at Dryfruitexpress.com

  • Almonds (Badam)

    Most liked among all dry fruits, almonds are an easy stomach filling snack which also happen to be the only tasty protein intake available in its best form. We present wide range of almonds like California almonds, Mamra badam, Mamra almonds, Super quality jumbo almonds, Chocolate almonds, Salted & roasted almonds online from the DryfruitExpress.com.

  • Pistachios (Pista)

    Green in color, secured inside a shell and salty in taste, Pistachios nuts are the most sought after. Also known as Pista, this dry fruit can be savored in different forms like an ice-cream, a thick shake or even a delectable Indian Mithai. Our range of pista includes Green jumbo pista, Pisori pista, Sliced pista, Roasted and salted pista, Jumbo Akhbari Pista. You may now buy Pista online from dryfruitexpress.com

  • Figs (Anjeer)

    Include the most beneficial dry fruit – ‘fig’ commonly known as ‘anjeer’ to your breakfast for a healthy start to your day. Also, buy the best quality anjeer online from dryfruit express to enjoy your favorite desserts like the anjeer barfi, anjeer shake and much more. We offer premium quality anjeer / figs.

  • Apricots (Jardalu)

    Small in size but big number of benefits is how apricots (Jardalu) can be best described. Anytime snack, journey companion, and a doctor’s recommendation for all, apricot is an ideal food suppliment. we supply jumbo aprocits (jumbo jardalu) and Turkel dried aprocots (Turkel dried jardalu). Buy apricots only from our exclusive online dryfruit store dryfruitexpress.com to get the best quality at best price.

  • Raisins (Kishmish)

    Khishmish, what every tongue favors! Right from toddlers to the older ones, everyone loves this particular dry fruit. So buy some khishmish now and satisfy your crave for it. We supply Indian Raisins (Indian Khishmish), Afghani Raisins (Afghani Khishmish), Sandukani Raisins (Sandukani Khishmish), Abjosh (Raisins with seed). Let Dryfruitexpress.com do it for you! Also send dry fruits to your loved ones online from our dryfruit webstore.

  • Black Currants (Kala...

    Healthy & Handy, what else does a person require? Black Currants (also known as Kala Manuka) are the perfect example of an anytime, anywhere healthy companion. Share Dryfruits, share happiness only from The DryfruitExpress. Send Black currants (kala manuka) to your companions and buy some for yourself from the dryfruitexpress.com today.

  • Walnuts (Akhrot)

    Good for the growth of your brains - as mothers have always said. Still in practice of eating Akrots? Yes? Then buy walnuts online now from the dryfruitexpress.com; If no, then start with the good again. Let DryfruitExpress.com be of your help. We supply whole walnuts (akkha Akrot) and walnut kernels (akrot magaj).

  • Wet Dates (Khajur)

    Breakfast lacking beneficial food items? Buy Khajur (wet dates) online and get the health portion added to your morning meals. Buy accurately sweet and good quality Khajur from our store. Buying dryfruits made simple now. Just log on to Dryfruitexpress.com and get your order delivered home. We supply red dates, red seedless dates, black fardh dates, black seedless fardh dates, Kimia black dates, medjoul black dates, date crown.

  • Dry Dates (Kharik)

    Light-brown, shiny, sweet and skinny, best quality and well-processed dry dates just as you would want it only available at Dry Fruit Express. Buy Kharik now and begin with a starch rich diet. Khariks can be used as servings on festivals and occasions . We supply brown whole kharik, brown tukda kharik, black whole kharik and black kharik powder.

  • Mix Dryfruit

    Mix Dryfruit

  • Exotic Nuts

    Exotic nuts are a specialty of dryfruitexpress.com. You can buy pinenuts (chilgoza), hazelnuts, pecannuts, foxnuts, macadami nuts, brazilnuts and a much more variety from our exclusive online dryfruit store. You can now send dryfruits to your friends in India by ordering online using our website dryfruitexpress.com.

  • Charoli (Chironji)

    Comes with ample skin and beauty benefits charoli also know as chironji is a very tasty dryfruit. Their flavor is derived from almonds but used most commonly as a spice to add taste to your food. Buy charoli of the best quality possible from our online store today.

  • Godambi


  • Fox nuts (Makhana)

    Fox nuts (Makhana)

  • Seeds
  • Spl. Kesari Milk Masala